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57. Adulting + Self-Care

Welcome To Season 5! Today we are taking a twist on self-care. One void I see in the wellness & self-care world is the idea that we can take care of ourselves and be well outside of green juices, working out, dieting, face masks, bath bombs & so on.

Sometimes just being an adult and taking care of what needs to be taken care of can be the very thing to make us feel happier, less stressed & like we're making progress with our dreams & goals.

Today's show is to dig into those very things that we can do right now that are apart of being an adult but also move the needle forward in a positive way in our lives. Here we go!

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56. {Season Finale!} Why Knowing Your Love Language Is A Game Changer

Do you know what your love languages are? Your love language is the way you give & receive love that is specific to you. There is a free quiz you can take online to figure this out and I’m telling you it is absolutely phenomenal.

I heard about the 5 Love Languages a few years ago and knew right away that it was going to be really powerful. I’ve taken the quiz a few times and continue to get the same results. I’ve done it for myself, I’ve done it alongside Albert so we could figure out our love languages and I’ve even asked my friends what their love languages are.

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