25. Why You Should Stop Apologizing

"Oh, I'm sorry."

How many times do you utter those words a day? I know, for me, I used to say it so often that I didn't even realize it. I would apologize for things that didn't warrant an apology or that made me feel smaller as a person.

Oh, I'm sorry, I just need to scoot by. 

Sorry I couldn't make it tonight!

Hey, I apologize about not being available earlier.

Why are you apologizing? Have you ever thought about what an apology actually means BEFORE you speak the words. I know that I never used to think about that. I just thought the two words "I'm sorry" was a universally understood phrase. But then I learned that an apology is different for everybody and that it was up to me to communicate what my apologies meant.

Very soon after I got clear on what an apology meant to me, I noticed myself apologizing less and less. And I promise you, it's so freeing! I stopped apologizing for things that I was never sorry for and I started being really intentional with my I'm sorry's.

This episode is for you if you've been wanting to learn how to be more intentional when you speak and to get clear on what warrants an apology in your life. Hit play to listen to the show!

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