31. Crystals, Meditations, Mantras + More

The super moon just recently happened and man, she was a beauty! I noticed that it was a time that a lot of people were talking about spirituality. On social media I saw more people talking about crystals and The Universe than I normally do.

I love it because I, too, was really excited to take my crystals outside to give them a fresh charge under the moonlight.

Spirituality is a practice I've incorporated in my life over the past 3 years. After a really bad breakup in 2012 I got into a terrible, negative mental space and I didn't know how to stop it. Depression and negative internal conversations are some of the toughest things to release when you're in the thick of it.

My sister introduced me to the practice of vision boards & meditations to try and help me shift the conversation from negative to positive and I've had some mind-blowing results.

Spirituality isn't magic. It isn't looking into a crystal ball to try and predict your future.

And, while magic and crystal balls are really cool things, my spirituality practice looks a lot different. That's the beauty of spirituality, it's unique to each individual person and can still work in the same ways.

Today, I'm talking all about how spirituality shows up for me. I'm diving into why I choose spirituality over a specific religion, what my practices look like and some of the tools I use in my practice.

So, let's get a little woo-woo and head to the show!