17. Social Media Blackout

Oh, hold on let me go like 13 photos on Instagram, check out all my friends Snapchat stories & drool over Pinterest recipes before I tell you about this podcast.


But that's kind of how it goes right? How often do you get lost in the black hole of social media forgetting to tick off your to-do list? Which, I'm not promoting the busy life. I think that's being glorified right now too. But what I am promoting is a fruitful life full of the things you love to do.

And as much as you may say you love doing Instagram, I just can't accept that as an answer. I, too, enjoy Instagram as much as the next person. But I don't want my every day filled with looking at other people's lives. I want to create MY life and memories. Don't you?

I recently read an article from The Everygirl about not having any hobbies in this social media crazed life. And it hit home, hard. Because I'm just as guilty as the rest of us for spending my free time buried in my phone. I do it at dinner, when I visit my LDR guy, or right before bed. I do it all the time.

Recently, I started picking up my hobbies again. Journaling, reading, blogging, creating. And it feels good. So-damn-good! And I encourage you to do the same. If you need a bit of a reality check about the truth behind some of the social media accounts you may envy, take a look at Essena O'Neil's social media confession. I just watched it again and it still makes me shake my head. 

(sidenote: there have been quite a lot of talk about whether Essena O'Neil's confession is a hoax or not. I don't really have an opinion either way. I didn't know her. I'm not here to judge. But nonetheless, she's not been the only girl to come forth and talk about the glossy side of social media. Whether she's completely fooling us or not, I'm not sure. The video still sparks something in me & I feel it's worth watching.)

Social media is taking over our lives. And, only if we allow it. It's up to us to put down our phones and pick up a hobby. I promise you that THAT type of life is memorable. And you don't even have to Instagram it because you'll never forget it.

If you're tired of social media, want to take a break from it, find yourself getting really envious of certain accounts or just want to hear my thoughts on social media, this show is for you.




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