30. S3 Premiere + Getting Back Into A Routine

Welcome back to the Lo Down Living Podcast! Season 3 is finally upon us and girl, it sure feels good to be back.

While I was away I was getting settled back home in Cleveland, Ohio, unpacking my bags & started my day job.

Things are finally starting to feel like normal again, except, I noticed that I missed connecting with all of you.

I was trying to find other ways to continue our weekly conversations. I kept up with writing my newsletters twice a week, did a free webinar and have been pretty active on social media.

But nothing does it like the podcasts. And that's when I knew it was time to begin Season 3.

And, to be honest, I think it's time to do away with the seasons.

How about this? I'll let you know if something really big comes up where I may need to skip a week of recording but, other than that, you can count on a new episode every Monday.

Sounds good to you? Because it sure as hell does to me!

Today's episode is very fitting actually. We're talking about getting back into a routine.

We've all been there.

A big life memory occurs (moving cities, start a new job, begin a new relationship, a friendship ends, get married or have a baby) and all of a sudden your comfy routine gets neglected.

You stop waking up as early. You drink a few extra cups of coffee. You skip your workouts and your meditations get shorter and shorter.

You're human, and that's totally okay! No shame here.

But after the craze finally settles, how do you finally get back to your routine?

How do you let go of the oh-so-easy yet, not aligned habits that we pick up so quickly?

And how do we get back to what we know aligns with our best selves?

I will dig in to the 5 things I personally do (and am currently doing) to get back to a routine.

Now that I'm finally settled I'm craving to get back to my sweats, cooking up some yummy recipes & creating new friendships.

To hear how I'll be going about these things, let's head to the show!