33. Q + A with Lo

Happy Monday loves!

I hope everyone had a really beautiful weekend and got a chance to do something Christamas-y. I took a hot bath and watched The Holiday. That movie never gets old and I always leave it wanting to find a house in the snowy mountains ASAP. Who's with me?

Today's podcast episode is the first of it's kind but not the last. I'm doing a series of Q + A episodes from time to time compiled of your questions.

I absolutely love receiving your emails asking me a variety of questions about life. And, I got to thinking that, these questions would probably inspire someone else too! So, I thought it would be a beautiful thing to begin doing Q + A episodes to help inspire the community one question at a time.

Today's questions come from two ladies that have been on Team LoDownLiving for a little while. So, when I received their questions I was really excited to have them as my firsts. Today we're talking about how to be single and happy and how to break free of the comparison game.

Each of these topics resonate with me so hard and so, as always, I come to these questions from a place of personal experience. I love when I can do that!

This episode is perfect for anyone who is recently single or has been single for a little while and wondering how to still be happy in her own life and for anyone who has trouble differentiating between admiration and comparison on social media.

Let's head to the show!