24. #doyoumvmntseries: Stepping Out Of Fear & Into The Life You Want with Lauren Young

I met Lauren several years ago when we both volunteered for an outdoor yoga event. Instantly our personalities meshed and I felt a connection with her. She is, by far, one of the sweetest & most inspiring women I've ever met. When I heard her story of how she was quitting her 9-5 insurance job to go in to business with her sisters I, like anyone else, yearned to have the courage to do the same.

But let's be clear, if you're hoping to find either of us telling you to quit your 9-5 jobs, this isn't the episode for you. You won't hear that in this conversation.

But you will hear what it takes spiritually, emotionally & physically to take a leap of faith on something that you know is true to you. Whether you're looking to change cities, career paths or relationships, Lauren shares some beautiful knowledge that is sure to resonate with you.

This episode is for anyone who has been living in fear around a change in their life, wanting to take a leap of faith or wondering how to trust their intuition with a big decision. I can't wait for Lauren to share her beautiful story with you. Let's go to the show.

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