22. #doyoumvmnt Series: Getting Back To Basics In The Kitchen + Your Life with Lauren Nixon

Have you ever just met someone that you know you'd click with? That they said the things you were thinking and you just felt a vibe that was good?

That's Lauren Nixon for me. Believe it or not, we actually met off of Twitter last year when I first moved to New York City. She was the first friend I made when I moved here. Lauren's message is so inspiring and motivating for me. She's never afraid to get in there and get her hands dirty, literally and figuratively. And she'll talk about getting back to basics in a way that'll make you want to sell everything, pack your bags and move in to the mountains in Colorado. I swear.

Lauren has managed to create a life for herself solely based around getting back to basics in her life and in the kitchen. She's all about creating a juicy life for yourself with things you already have and know. If you've been interested in a minimalistic life, getting to the root of food education or wondering how to strip out all the "extras" and get to the juicy part of life, as Lauren would call it, this is your episode. Go grab a notebook, she's sure to say things you won't want to forget!