32. #doyoumvmnt series: Befriending Fear + Doing It Anyway with Josie Schweitzer of Thank Yoga

Don't tell Josie that you want to do something. Seriously, don't do it. Because she's going to tell you all the reasons you're absolutely awesome, deserve all that you want and why fear, as important as it is, shouldn't keep you from moving forward.

So, if you're looking for a friend to talk you OUT of something...she's not the one.

And that's why I love her so much.

Take 5 minutes and scroll through Josie's feed on Instagram and you'll quickly understand that she has a "no bullshit" mentality when it comes to speaking the truth. She recognizes that we're all imperfect and that in those imperfections are things that make us all beautiful.

When I was thinking of who I wanted to interview this time around, she was an absolute no brainer.

Today we're really digging into Josie's unconventional path to yoga + how she's learned to move through fear, even befriend fear, and continue to work towards what she wants for her life.

I loved hearing her speak so honestly about how far she's come and what it's taken to get anything that she has.

If you're looking to understand fear a bit more, are wondering how to keep doing what you love despite the fear you're feeling or just want a nice swift kick in the butt to get up and finally START doing what you love. Listen in, you truly won't want to miss this!