28. #doyoumvmnt series: Finding Your Authentic Voice Through Words & Journaling With Alex Elle

If you're not familiar with Alex's work then I give you full permission to take a few minutes and visit her here. But come right back because the conversation today is so, so good.

Ok, now that you had a chance to binge read her blog...how amazing is she? 

When I first came across Alex's work, I knew she was the real deal. On social media it's really easy to only show the bright side of things and not tell anyone the truth. I mean, honestly, none of us would really know the difference either way, right?

But Alex doesn't hold back. Through her words on her blog, in her books or through her Instagram feed she continues to peel back layers of her life and let us in. She has a way of speaking straight to the one part of you that couldn't find the words to say.

And that's why I'm so honored to be bringing Season 2 to a close with Alex Elle. Our discussion about her journey to journaling, her books, her husband & what's up for her next is so beautiful. I find Alex to be such a light worker because she is not afraid to say that she's human and stumbling through life yet, ending up exactly where she needs to be.

If you're looking for a pick-me-up, yearning for some authenticity and truth on social media or just want to hear a beautiful conversation, today's episode is for you. Click below to go directly to the show.