57. Adulting + Self-Care

Google the words "wellness" or "self-care" and you'll come up with an infinite amount of articles, blog posts, scientific studies, books & more all written on these topics. At this point, they're almost losing their true roots because these words are used so much in a variety of contexts.

Wellness to one person may be a sweaty workout & green smoothie and to another it could be sleeping in & cheesy scrambled eggs alongside a Netflix marathon. Neither are wrong, both are different yet, they each get to the same goal - performing tasks that make us feel good inside & out.

Today we're talking about being an adult + how self-care can be apart of that through knocking those daunting tasks right off your to - do list!

Show Notes

Adulting + Self-Care Tips:

  1. Pick up the phone & call your friend/partner/parents
  2. Look at your bank account once a day or week to eliminate guessing
  3. Prepare the night before for the day ahead (pack your lunch, wash any clothes you might need, etc.)
  4. Meal prep the daunting stuff now
  5. Go return those items sooner than later

Tune in to the show to hear the other 5 "adulting" tips that will boost your self-care and having feeling better than ever!

I hope you enjoy talking about how self-care can be fun & practical at the same time. I'd love to know - how many of these are you already doing? Leave a comment below!

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