42. How To Stop Yo-Yo Dieting


I was a part of the yo-yo dieting culture for 10+ years. I can remember the very first time I tried Weight Watchers and the other countless times I would troll the internet wishing & hoping for a weight-loss solution. I couldn’t stand the body I was in and every single day I was working in some way, shape or form, to change it.

How can I be smaller?

How can I be less voluptuous?

How can I be more toned?

It was all about hating the body I was in and wishing for a body I didn’t have. Bring on the dieting!

This is how it all began. So, what did my dieting habits look like?

I’m sure you know what dieting with food looks like. Counting every calorie, measuring it against some system that said it was too much or not enough. Feeling deprived and left out of everyday life happenings and then bingeing on everything I told myself I shouldn't have.

And then every week my success was measured by that system as well. And it was all based on hopping on a scale and weighing myself. If I gained, it was seen as I didn't have a successful week. And if I lost weight, I was celebrated and people told me how proud of me they were.

 That’s not a secret and, if you’ve ever been a part of the yo-yo dieting culture, these tactics may be something you’re familiar with.

But the type of yo-yo dieting I want to talk, on today's show about is internally. The mental aspects of dieting that people rarely discuss. Dieting can affect you just as much mentally as it can physically. Sometimes, the mental consequences can be worse than what you feel physically.

Let's head to the show!

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