41. The Practice Of Intuitive Eating

Hey you! Welcome back to the podcast.

Lately I've been working to focus more on my intuition when it comes to the podcast. I want to make sure that every I create provides you inspiration, motivation & value to improve your life and goals. And for full disclosure, I've been needing to shift the focus back to myself for the last few weeks as I navigate my own path with my relationship to food and my body.

Which is what has brought me to today's podcast on Intuitive Eating.

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I talk about Intuitive Eating quite a lot. It's a journey and process I've committed to that has hugely improved my relationship with food and my body. There was a time that I would have had a lot of negative self-talk around my body, my weight, my food choices & my self-worth. And through committing to Intuitive Eating I've been able to shift those conversations to loving ones, love my weight, mindfully choose my food & understand that my self-worth has nothing to do with the aforementioned things.

Boldly, Intuitive Eating has saved my life.

And, because of that, I must share this beautiful journey and process with you. No matter what your food and body struggles know that you're not alone and that you have options. Restriction, calorie counting, over exercising and body shaming are not the answers to the challenges you've been having. 

There is a much more peaceful & loving path waiting for you in Intuitive Eating. Let's head to the show.

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