36. Q + A with Lo #2


Hey, how was your Christmas? Do you have any cool plans for New Years Eve?

I've been definitely enjoying some time away from everything and allowing myself to be lazier than normal.

Hence the Tuesday evening launch of this episode instead of the typical Monday morning.

But, you understand right? I knew you would. You're really cool like that.

Today I'm doing a type of "tiny talk" with you with Q + As from listeners.

These are still some of my favorite episodes to do. It really creates a stronger connection from me to you.

And, normally I feel like I'm talking to the wall in front of me just gabbing away about a specific topic.

But specifically answering your questions really lights me up in a different way than the other episodes.

Today's questions are:

1. Book suggestions for self-care, motivation or eating healthier

2. How to enjoy alone time & tips for when you're alone for long periods of time

To send me your questions for future Q + A episodes email me: lo@lodownliving.com or find me on Instagram!

Episode 36 Show Notes

Strength Finder 2.0

Spirit Junkie

It Starts With Food


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