35. Best Of 2016

Whoa, 2016 flew by! I seriously can't believe we're almost to 2017.

I'm ready for it though. 2016 was a good year despite all the ups & downs. Looking back, it was my growing pains year. The year of growth, transition & learning.

Of course, when those three things are involved, it always comes with a few aches and pains. And that was true for me too.

I definitely had some kick-ass, "OMG!", "What in the actual hell just happened?!" moments that I'll never forget.

Like getting 6 different ice cream flavors sculpted into a rose.

Or, creating the #doyoumvmnt for all you bad ass babes out there!

And how about finishing yet another Bikini Series with the Tone It Up ladies?! If you've tried any of their workout series, you'll know why it's an accomplishment! (#ThatShitIsHard #KettleBellSwingsForDays)

That's what today's show is all about. Remembering all of the moments that really stood out to me and patting myself on the back for a year well done.

So to hear all 8 moments that really stood out to me in 2016, let's head to the show!