27. What To Do When You're Burned Out

Whoa guys. Life is crazy & with that, I've had some really long weeks lately. Long work hours, not enough healthy food & too many early mornings.

It's safe to say that I'm a little burned out. My body has been literally in pain the last few days with sore muscles & pain in my knees. And, I think the fact that I slept until 9:30am says that I really needed my rest.

The burn out feeling is something we all feel and so I took to the podcast today to share how I deal with it. Most people will tell you to cancel your commitments and take some me time, which is great advice if you can do that.

But what happens if you can't get out of work and deadlines are quickly approaching?

This was my scenario these past few weeks and the 5 tips I use have helped me get through it all the through the end. 

If you've been feeling burned out with work or know that you have some busy weeks coming your way, this is the show for you. Click below to hear it instantly!