23. Knowing What You Don't Want

Have you ever been sitting there wondering what your life is about & where you're going?

Deep, I know. But, I think we've all been there at some point or another. And it's tough ain't it? To try and figure out what you should be doing & what you can create for your life to create the experiences you want to have. Usually this comes from asking yourself "what do I want to have?"

Fast forward a week of that and your brain is smoking from exhaustion. It's really tiring to keep saying "what do I want, what do I want, WHAT DO I WANT!" I know because I've been there. Recently. As in, last week.

So instead of driving myself insane with not being able to come up with these answers, I decided to make a shift. I chose to start asking myself what I don't want instead. Because if I don't know anything else, I know for damn sure the type of life I DON'T want to lead, and that's just as important, if not more important than what I DO want.

If you've been looking for answers from your intuition, spiritual practice or from physical inspirations and are coming up dry, listen to this episode. It's for you. I go through a series of questions you can ask yourself to start knocking down the blocks to creating a life that you want. I also chat about my recent experience with writing to my intuition like Jess Lively suggests. This is a powerful one and can really create some real shifts in your thought work. Click below to go directly to the show.