19. BONUS: My 1 Year New Yorkiversary

1 year ago today I woke up at 5:30am with a truck lightly packed (I didn't really have much) & feeling a ton of emotions.

I was moving to New York City and leaving my hometown for the very first time.

The week following up to the big move was probably the most I'd cried in a really long time. They were a mixture of happy tears and sad tears. I was really really happy that I finally went through with a big scary goal & I was really really sad that I was leaving some of my favorite people behind.

New York CIty. What the hell.

I'd always dreamt of it. I'd envied my sisters for doing it in a way that, from my eyes, seemed effortless. And I felt jealous of the people that got to wake up in such a vibrant city every single morning. So why did my stomach feel like it was going to fall out of my ass? What was I getting myself into?

One year later, I still have the stomach falling out of my ass feeling sometimes & I still ask myself what have I got myself into. One year later I don't have it figured out and all the same, I'm much more grateful for my life & journey.

On today's bonus episode I dive in to what this last year in New York has looked like for me. I get honest about the good, bad and otherwise in the big apple.

If you've been curious about taking the leap and doing a big move, considering living in NYC or just wonder how I've been doing personally going from suburb girl to subway surfer, this show is for you.