20. #doyoumvmnt Series: Finding a Balanced Life Through Nutrition, Performing & Ayurveda with Kendra Payne

I know you're probably thinking ay-ur-ve-what?! But don't fret, whether you can pronounce it or not, it's a practice you're going to want to learn about! Today, I'm talking to my mentor & sister Kendra Payne.

You guys have heard me talk about her on several of my podcasts noting most of my success of my journey to her guidance. She's been the biggest influence on my journey from the get-go back in 2012. But what I never talked about was HER journey and how she got to where she is today.

Kendra was the trail blazer in our family in terms of living a healthy lifestyle. We always thought "oh man, this is just another one of Kendra's crazy ideas!" Except, this one stuck with us all! Kendra has managed to make a career out of her healthy choices while combining it with her passion for musical theater.

So, for all you singing & dancing enthusiasts out there, this episode has you in mind! We discuss what balance looks like for Kendra, how she stayed centered while on tour in Germany for 6 months and how that balance has followed her home to New York City juggling 2-3 gigs at any time! If you find it tough to keep a balanced, healthy & centered life while traveling, performing on tour or juggling multiple gigs, you'll want to tune in to today's episode.