18. Rituals

"What you do when no one is looking

is who you really are."

 I read this quote this week & it struck a chord with me. What do I do when no one is looking? When I feel I won't be judged, seen or questioned...what do I choose to do with my time? What do you choose to do with your time?

I believe in the act of rituals. Creating a sequence of things that bring joy into your life. Rituals keep me sane, checked in with myself and acknowledging who I really I am. The things I include in my rituals are things I'll always do no matter where my life leads. They're things that light a fire deep within me and bring me so much happiness even when I'm riding solo.

Rituals set me up for a successful night's sleep, early morning or a week full of adventures. They're the centering piece of this whirlwind of a life. I absolutely love the tradition of rituals and creating new ones as I continue to grow.

Do you have a ritual? A few things you continue to go back to when you feel a bit disconnected from yourself? A little out of whack? 

Maybe you go to your favorite reality show to chill out. Take a walk in a beautiful park. Turn your phone completely off (kind of like my Social Media Blackout). Draw a hot bath & hang a Do Not Disturb sign?

This week I'm diving into the act of rituals, what they mean to me & what my rituals look like. I'm fresh off of 4 days of no social media and I've become more intentional with how I'm spending my time. My rituals continue to bring me back to my original intention & focus. It's like hitting a reset or refresh button.

If you've been trying to find your groove with your own ritual, have been curious of what rituals are or wonder what I do every single week to kick ass all week, this show is for you.