12. What I Know For Sure + Season 1 Finale

Whoa, it's the last episode of Season 1 of the LDL Podcast. That's so crazy! I've loved every part (ok, well not the part where my podcast magically deletes & then I have to re-record it but...) of this journey.

Creating a podcast was always a dream of mine. Something about radio makes my heart ignite & I'm so grateful to have done this.

Don't worry, I'll be back for Season 2 in just a few months! But today I wanted to wrap up by talking about the things I know for sure this far. This entire time I've lived in New York has been a true learning moment for me. Never a day goes by where I'm not pushed out of my comfort level to learn something new.

And through my learnings I've come to the conclusion of just a few things I know to be true. Of course I couldn't end the show without sharing my thoughts, advice & experiences with you one last time.

This show is for anyone who has been an avid listener of the LDL Podcast, is looking to hear about some of the truths I stand for in my life or looking for inspiration on their current journey.

I'm so so so grateful for all of you for just taking the time to listen. It really does mean so much to me.

Click below to listen to the show!


"If you want to have a [cheat] meal you're not cheating, you're actively choosing to have that. And that's okay."

"Balance comes in other parts of your life as well and doesn't only have to be when it comes to working out and food."


"I'm not going to make myself feel bad because my balance doesn't look like hers."

"Sometimes, even though it's the right decision logically, it doesn't make me feel good."