11. The Struggle Is Real

This past week I started a new career opportunity in upstate New York. It's only been the first week and I can already tell that I'm headed in the right direction. While the opportunity is amazing for my career & overall future, it has me facing a few challenges as well.

For one, my commute time has doubled, my responsibilities have increased and my downtime has decreased. 

I'm sure you can relate in a similar situation. Maybe you, too, have started a new job, or maybe you just had a baby or got into a new relationship.

Any of these things could easily cause a shift in the way you were living previous to the change. It's totally normal!

This week on the show I'm discussing how I'm dealing with the change, my struggles & challenges & how I'm choosing to see the sacrifices I'm making on my path now.

This show is great for anyone who has recently had a big or small shift in their path or is needing some motivation to change their perspective on their current circumstances.

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