09: Polished & Imperfect

How many times have you scrolled through Instagram, your favorite blog or listened to a show where their life seemed oh-so-perfect?

Did it leave you wishing, hoping & praying that you could be/look like them? Did it also leave you feeling a little low about your own life?

Yeah, I've been there too. But I'm over it. You with me?

Today I'm doing things a bit different. It's like LDL Uncut. No script, no preparation notes, just real, from the heart, kind of preachy conversation. About being real, imperfect & what's really behind all those polished posts we see.

Do you mind if I'm a bit imperfect during this convo? I thought you would!

Click below for Episode 09: Polished & Imperfect.

Heard On The Lo: 

  • "There is a struggle behind every success" -Lo

  • Jordan Younger- The Balanced Blonde
  • "People are so eager to talk about the great side...but I get inspired by the people that are real"- Lo

  • Sarah Von Bargen
  • "What we don't know when we're setting that goal is, what did it take to get that body?" -Lo