08: Fear & Following Your Path

This week I'm talking all about fear. Fear has played such a huge role in my life and conquering it in certain moments has gotten me to where I am in life.

Is there something you really want but you're afraid to go get it?

Do you have fears about your future and what's to come (or not come) your way?

Are you holding yourself back from something you know is good for you because you're afraid of what you'll have to do to achieve it?

If you answered yes, hesitated, thought about it or crazily shook your head to any of these, then click below because this week's podcast is for you.

I'm discussing how I was holding myself back, what fears I had/have & what I did to keep pushing through to my authentic self.

It's a very open & honest episode this week and I'd be honored if you had a listen. Click below to listen to Episode 8.