07: My Whole 30

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Okay, now that you're all set there and jotting down all the recipes I post, I want to chat with all of you about my Whole 30 experience. I get a lot of questions about journey, how it was, what I'm doing now and what results I go from doing it.

Instead of answering each individual question, I thought making it an episode on LDL would cover all of my bases here. (p.s. if i don't answer a question that you have just plop it below and I'll get back to you asap. promise)

The Whole 30 has been so life changing for me and even now during my #LifeAfterWhole30 journey I'm realizing how amazing eating that way was for my body & my condition. Also, I talk about doing another Whole 30 come April 1st, want to join? 

I hope you will but, for now. Let's hop over to the show. Click below for Episode 07: My Whole 30: