06: My Favorite Things From Trader Joe's

Welcome back! I hope you're warm & comfy this Sunday morning with a cup of coffee or tea by your side. I love Sunday mornings. Something about that time of the week makes me feel like I can finally take a breath, throw my feet up and toss my head back.

You with me?!

Another one of my favorite things is going grocery shopping. I know, call me crazy but, I really do enjoy it. I remember growing up going to the store with my Mom every week. And even though back then I griped about it because I was missing my Saturday morning cartoons, I have such a greater appreciation for it now.

In New York, you've gotta move fast. There have been times where as I was reaching for the bag of spinach someone took it right from underneath me! (DAMN!) So I learned quick that I need to go in prepared with a game plan. At some point during the week I usually sit down for about 20-30 minutes and think of everything I want & need.

Also, if I'm feeling like I'm in a cooking rut, I'll browse through a few of my favorite recipe blogs for inspiration. And then I create a list of it all.

I'm asked so often how I shop so well or what I usually get when I go shopping. So I thought, what better way to share my tips & favs, than on the podcast! Today I'm going through all the things I love to get and the staples I always keep in the house no matter what my weekly dinners call for.

So sit back & relax. Oh, and grab a pen & paper...you're going to want to write these ones down!

Click below for Episode #06: Favorite Things From Trader Joe's.

PS- I included a photo below of all of my favorite items so you know what to look for.