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LoDownLiving is a podcast, blog & hub that creates conversations and a community around holistic wellness, body positivity, minimalism & intuitive eating for women of color. I, Laura - your blog author, podcast host, conversation starter, community leader and wellness educator am here to provide a safe space for the discussions and journeys to begin.

Nothing lights me up more than living my life on my terms. And I'm here to help you do the same.

Whether you're looking to improve your relationship with food or your body, upgrade your well-being for your mind & body or learn to live with less while creating more abundance than ever, you're in the right place.

Let me tell ya a little bit more about myself.

The LoDown On Laura

I'm a craft beer kind of girl. While I don't drink too often, if I do, you'll find me sipping & enjoying a porter or stout beer.


My laugh is equally big as it is contagious. Hang around me for a bit and you'll be laughing before you know it.


I know 90% of the words to popular songs. I love music & how it can always take you back to important memories.

I live in Columbus, Ohio with my fiance Albert. Often you'll hear us Ohioans yell "O-H!" to which you'll reply "I-O!" It's a thing.


I never turn down an invitation for tacos - breakfast, dinner or dessert? I'm your girl!


I am an introverted extrovert. I love people but need plenty of time alone to recharge.

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I'm hangin' out on The 'Gram!