Hey, are you tired of talking about diets, feeling crazy around food, covering up that body with oversized sweaters, filling your voids with things you can't afford and yawning after your 3rd cup of coffee?!

Uh, yeah...I was too. But, look no further.

Welcome! I'm your host Laura. 

So, who am I?

Let me tell you a little bit about who I am and why I created this podcast.

My name is Laura but my friends & family call me Lo. That means you can too, okay? I'm from Cleveland, Ohio where many people leave to find themselves but come back missing the midwest lifestyle.

I was one of those people too. Something about a small town and everything being 15 minutes away and ranch dressing always being a dipping option just caught my heart. :)

But, not many people here were talking about body positivity, minimalism & anti-diet conversations. I felt alone, honestly.

See, I was looking for a place to connect with other people that wanted to learn about an all encompassing approach to health & wellness.

I was DONE with the diet talk, hating my body, living paycheck to paycheck & feeling really crazy around food. 

And, here's a little fun fact about me - I'm a great listener which is why podcasts excite me so much. I love hearing the actual voice, it feels as though I'm just hanging with a girlfriend chit-chatting about the good life.

But, I couldn't quite find exactly what I was looking for. So, I did what any normal person would do...I created it!


"Love listening! The topics are honest and relevant to a late 20s, early 30s crowd!!"



"Love this podcast and can relate to Laura so much! Love hearing her opinion on every topic she dives into"


What We Chat About

Each week I come on-air to talk about holistic wellness, loving your body without dieting, eating from your intuition and leaving the restriction & bingeing behind, how to live with less yet, fill your life with abundance & more!

These topics get me so excited & fired up. Seriously, I got so giddy just typing it out.

And hey, I know these topics are big ones. They make you dig deep & ask yourself the big questions. But, isn't life too sweet and too short to do it any other way?!

The thing is, I believe in your ability to live your life on your terms in your way. But, I get it - fear, comparison or some other awful feeling may be holding you back.

So join me on the show, hit subscribe and let's see where this takes us. Deal?

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"Thank you for the topics you discuss on your podcast.  

It’s refreshing to hear your perspective and to know that I’m not alone.  

Listening to you resonates with my own intuition in the most profound way!"


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The Most Recent Episodes

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I've given you everything you need to remember in one spot. It's like my little thank you to you for tuning in!

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"A really "real" podcast. Unedited and full of life just like Laura!"