5 Steps To Creating A Vision Board

I recently had a birthday and turned 31. I have no idea why 31 sounds so much older than 30 but, it does. And last year had a lot of ups and downs - it was definitely a year of change & growth. It was preparing me for whatever is coming my way in the future.

But I wanted to go into this next year with a vision & an intention. I wanted to really have an idea of how I wanted to feel this next year and what types of things I wanted to bring into my life.

When this happens, I turn to creating a vision board. A vision board is a place where you can get creative and put your ideas, dreams, goals, wishes & wants in one place. Then, you place your vision board somewhere that you'll see often so that you're continuously reminded of what you're wanting in life.

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My Tiny Studio Home Tour

If you had to guess what questions I get asked the most, what would you say they are?

Recipe questions?

Fitness questions?

Podcasting questions?

Nope! I get the most questions about my home! And, to be honest, it's really crazy because I don't consider myself an expert on this topic.

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