Whole30 - Week 3 Recap

I honestly can't believe I'm almost finished with the Whole30. I remember going to work on January 2nd and being like damn, why'd I do this again. Don't get me wrong, I think the Whole30 can be extremely helpful and beneficial. But it definitely takes a commitment to stay strong for 4 whole weeks.

I know in the book and even online they repeat the phrase "this isn't hard. quitting cocaine is hard." And...yes, quitting cocaine is really hard. But, some of us come to Whole30 with a food addiction of sorts, right? We can't stop eating cheese or give up our weekly happy hours or stop eating ice cream. So while it may not be as tough as quitting a drug addiction, there are some very challenging parts at times here. And that's just me being honest.


Last week was a normal week. Nothing too crazy to report here honestly. I think most of all I was wishing I had had a craving for something. I didn't have a taste for any specific food and there wasn't a particular Whole30 recipe that got me excited to make. Although, Primal Gourmet was on the Whole30 Recipes Instagram account last week and he really entertained me. He made some food that I hadn't seen other bloggers make. That was cool to see.

Once the weekend came I had a moment of irritation. I think I was just tired of thinking about food and I wanted my convenience back.

This usually comes up for me during every Whole30 so I wasn't particularly surprised. I think this is my body's way of trying to get me back to my old ways. And my old ways weren't bad they were just a bit more convenient than the Whole30 can be sometimes. I just wanted to like, make a grilled cheese and call it a day.

But, I had to take a step back and realize how much better I was feeling and how calm my Candida issues were over the last 3 weeks. That perspective made it easier and helped me get back to my why for doing this round of Whole30.

Week 3 Takeaways:

Oh! And this was the week that I actually noticed my first NSV. My pants are a lot looser. I don't own a scale nor do I believe in weighing yourself so I have no idea the pounds. But either I really need to finally wash those jeans that I wear every other day or some of the bloat around my Candida has finally calmed itself down.

I'm going to go with the latter because I rarely wash my jeans. Haha!

Alright! We're rolling into Week 4 - the last and final week! I want to hear from you. How's your Whole30 going? Any challenges or wins?

With gratitude,