What's Up Weekend: The Cleveland Flea

Every year when the weather finally starts to warm up I can feel the excitement rolling back in. I remember so many times growing up, scouring the newspapers looking for garage sales to find the next piece of furniture that I could flip into a new keepsake.

I love finding someone else's trash and turning it into the exact item I'd been looking for all along. I've furnished many college dorm rooms & apartments with garage sale finds. Some that I still have to this day! So, when The Cleveland Flea was created I was all about it.


The Cleveland Flea is not your typical flea market. I've been to a few other flea markets where you have no idea what anyone could possibly do with most of the items there. And better yet, what did THEY do with those items?! No, no. The Cleveland Flea is a curated flea market of a variety of Cleveland vendors that bring their best hand-made items to East 36th & Superior to show off & build community.

You can find just about anything there. From jewelry, Cleveland branded t-shirts, funny kitchen towels that say "Kitchen Bitch" which, if it had been a t-shirt I would've totally bought, to herbs & plants, woodworking items and several vintage areas.


Look at this tree! It truly looks like something straight out of The Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland. These are the types interesting and unique things you're bound to find at The Cleveland Flea. And while I came for the doughnuts from The Vegan Doughnut Company, they ended up selling out in 3 1/2 hours! So, I went on to my next favorite thing to find here.


Meet Greta! I'm not exactly sure what type of dog she is but I want her so badly. If she were actually for sale I would've considered it because she was soft to the touch and so loving! I wonder how many times my Mom and I said: "omg, look at that one!" I'm sure it was a lot. But how can you resist this face?


Yeah, I'm a sucker for a small dog with a scrunchy face and curly fur. It's my weak spot, what can I say? 

So, we searched for treasures and we admired dogs. But I can not forget the food! One of the best parts about The Cleveland Flea is the food trucks. Local restaurants pile all they can into a food truck and park it right inside the flea for all to see. There were coffee trucks, bbq trucks, donut trucks, taco trucks, pierogi trucks. Seriously, name it and it was probably there.


I chose the Square Scullery truck for lunch and I'm so happy I did. Their menu looked great and was full of vegan & gluten-free options as well. It was a hard call between the fried brussels sprouts, the yukon potatoes and the korean pork tacos.


I went for the Korean pork tacos and was not disappointed. And it was great because although Heather informed me that they were out of the corn taco shells (the gluten-free option) they could put it on the crispy rice ball for me instead. Yes, please! The pork was juicy & tender, the rice ball was just crispy enough and the aioli that I subbed out in place of the creme was perfection.


The Cleveland Flea is a great summer event to visit. Whether you're looking to spruce up your home with a second-hand find, steal all the cute dogs, or enjoy some of the best local food you'll find, you'll be in the right spot to find it all. Their events run through the fall for the following dates:

  • June 10th
  • July 8th
  • August 12th
  • September 9th
  • October 14th

So, you have plenty of time to visit. And the best part is, no flea is exactly the same as some of the vendors rotate out. What is your favorite part about The Cleveland Flea? Share below in the comments.