What’s Up Weekend: Bakersfield Tacos, Tequila, Whiskey


Raise your hand if you love tacos! If you didn’t raise your hand, we need to have a conversation. Tacos are amazing. And if you know me well, you know tacos are #1 on my list of favorite foods.

I’ve never met a taco I didn’t like. I don’t even eat seafood but, I’ll eat a fish taco any day.

Why do I love tacos so much? I’m so glad you asked. I love them because the options are endless, you can eat them for any meal or snack and no one judges you if you have more than 1. Or 2. Hell, even 3.

There are breakfast tacos. Dessert tacos. Big tacos. Mini tacos. Tacos with another taco inside of it. Tacos with fish. Tacos with ice cream. Tacos with bacon.

I mean, c’mon! How can you not like tacos?

So, of course, when Albert said “let’s go to Bakersfield for tacos tonight” he already knew my answer before it left my mouth.

Bakersfield is located on West 25th street right in Ohio City. This part of Cleveland is definitely my favorite place to explore right now. It’s really exploding with so many cute shops, restaurants and local places to see. It seems like almost every week there is a new place popping up.

I pass this corner of W. 25th almost every day for work so, I got to see the development of Bakersfield as the weeks went by. I had never heard of the restaurant before but come to find out they have locations all over! Charlotte, Pittsburgh & even Nashville.

Bakersfield coming into town has some tough competition. Us Clevelanders like our tacos and there are already a couple great options in town. But after our date night out to Bakersfield, I think it’s going to just fine here.

To start us off, walking in the door we were quoted with a 1 1/2 hour wait. Ugh, that’s annoying. But, thankfully we weren’t in a rush so we headed for the bar to grab a drink or 3 while we waited.

Although I don’t drink often, I do enjoy a good margarita. We started off with their specialty pineapple margarita that came with a cajun salty rim. It was pretty good. Just the right amount of salty, sweet & strong flavors swirling around in the jar.

We still had a while to go before we’d be seated so I through caution to the wind and ordered another margarita. This time, I kept it simple and went with the classic. Believe it or not, this was better than the pineapple recipe. Now, I have some pretty high expectations when it comes to considering a margarita “amazing” but, this one stood its ground.

You could tell that they weren’t pouring these margaritas from a jar. It tasted like fresh sour mix and the right amount of sweetness. Bravo, Bakersfield!

After we finally were seated, we were way past the hungry mark. So chips & guac it is!


In this house, we love our guacamole. We always have avocados on hand for a snack or to smash up and use as a spread. So mentally, we’re always judging how good the guac is when we go to a restaurant. Albert gave it a shrug of the shoulders while I, on the other hand, thought it was pretty good. The right amount of salt & lime made it a-okay in my book.

On to the tacos! The best part about Bakersfield as that the tacos are mini size. So you can order 3-4 different types without breaking the bank. Have you ever had that moment where you’re at a restaurant and wanting to try multiple things but are concerned you’d have to file for bankruptcy if you do? Well, not here.

We definitely tried a little bit of everything.


Ha ha ha, you thought I was kidding, didn’t you? Well, I wasn’t. Pictured here, starting from the top going clockwise you’ll find a fish, al pastor, another fish, mole, short rib, huitlacoche (aka corn truffles with poblano peppers) & another short rib in the middle.

My favorites were the short rib, mole & huitlacoche. All of them had amazing flavor and didn’t need an ounce of anything else.

If you’re not into tacos (which I don’t even think that’s a thing), they have salads, tortas & tostadas. But, don’t get those. Go with the tacos. I’d be shocked if you didn’t find 2 or 3 that you loved.

We left with our bellies full and a smile on our face.

Laura’s Rating: B+

Have you been to a Bakersfield before? How was your experience? Share below!