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I was talking the other day to a past client about her email list. Like many of the creatives I chat to about email marketing, they know they should have an email list and be writing to their readers but they just can't seem to start.

When I dug a little deeper into what her roadblock was to writing consistently she said that she just didn't know what to say outside of talking about her products and services.

This is a common theme I find with creatives - they can talk shop all day long - on social media, in Facebook groups, and in their email lists. But after that - radio silence.

The question they often ask themselves is "does anyone really care about MY story?" Which leaves me screaming from the mountain tops "HELL YES.

If I can teach you anything in these letters, on my blog, in future podcast episodes or in my coachings or courses is this:

People relate to a BRAND (aka a real person), not a BUSINESS.

Here are some great examples of this:

  • I love flying Southwest. It's not because I love to fly (I actually hate it) or that I love the airplane industry but, it's because their flight attendants are hilarious, fun & calm down my flight anxiety, I like being able to choose where I sit, and their snacks are tasty.


  • Some of my best online shopping experiences have been with Nordstrom. Is it because I really enjoy shopping with major department retailers? No. It's because their customer service is insanely exceptional. They go above and beyond to remedy any issue and are so incredibly friendly.


  • Pinch of Yum is my favorite food blog and I read 95% of her blog posts, newsletters, and social media posts. I don't do this because I want to talk about, read and watch food all day long (I mean, I do, but you get what I'm saying). It's because Lindsay, the writer behind the blog, is funny, speaks my language, has an adorable dog named Sage and shares real stories alongside her recipes.

I'm sure there are companies/brands/businesses you can think of in your own life that you truly enjoy hearing from or knowing more about. We each have our reasons for choosing one brand over another for the exact same item.

This goes the same for you and your creative business. Your core people want to hear from you - they told you as much when they signed up for your email list.

And sure, they absolutely want to hear about your value-filled offerings and services that can help them in impactful ways. But they also want to know about you, your life and the unique bits of your journey.

So, what do you say we give this whole email writing a chance, okay?

And if you're still looking for a bit of a nudge on where to start I've created a free ebook called What To Write To Your Email List that has 12 writing prompts to help you write your next email.

If you use this ebook as a jumping off point you'll be well on your way to writing 1 email per week for the next 3 months!

My hope is that these 12 prompts can spark some stories that get you excited to share a little more YOU with your readers. And maybe, it will inspire some other writing prompts that are personal to you and your creative business.


Once you've written your next email, I'd love it if you'd provide a link to it in the comments and share it with me.

I can't wait to read it! 

Talk soon,


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