Self-Care As A Passionate Creative

The last time I had looked at the clock it was 7:30 am but somehow it was 1:45 pm?!

How did that happen? Where did the time go? What have I been doing the last 6 hours? And goodness gracious - I'm starving!

Yeah, this was that time that I ate Chipotle, a cookie, some oranges, a handful of granola and a blueberry yogurt. In like, 20 minutes.

Why? Because I was so deep in my work and in a state of "just a few more minutes and I promise I'll go eat" that I was way past hangry and moving towards give me anything that is edible.

I've been here before, too. You know, just so excited about the next project or flowing with the inspiration that hit at the right time that I was doing that weird dance you do to the bathroom when you're about to pee on yourself?

Or, when you take a deep breath in and realize that smell is you and you should probably go take that shower you've been putting off?

Yeah, this is one side of being a creative that just isn't cute at times.

Sometimes we forget our normal human cues for the sake of getting more work done. But when we get in that mode, we often do ourselves more harm than good.

We put off the hunger pains to write just a few more sentences for our blog.

We skip our shower because the creative inspiration just struck us and washing our hair or shaving our legs can wait!

We're positive that we don't really have to pee that bad and it can wait until you're off this call.

And while I understand the passion and drive that comes alongside these feelings - I want to urge you to shift your mindset and put YOU back on your to-do list.

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Here are a few ways to do just that:

Don't jump into your work as soon as you wake up. Create some time to get grounded, aligned and doing something joyful (drink a delicious cup of coffee, journal, actually talk to your partner) beforehand.

Schedule breakfast, lunch & snack breaks into your workday. Just like how you'd go to lunch around the same time each day at work - do this when you're working on your creative business. Food is fuel and will keep your energy going when you need it most.

Get up, walk around, stretch your legs, give your eyes a break. I beg you to not sit at your computer for 6 hours straight as I did. Learn from my mistakes and give yourself 10-15 minute breaks every hour or so.

Put on real clothes - even if it's just a pair of your favorite leggings. But, please don't stay in your PJs as tempting as it is. This will train your mind that you've switched from relaxing/chilling time into work/productivity time. Plus, you'll feel better because you look better!

Give yourself a stopping point. Maybe it's a Saturday and you want to work a "traditional" 8 hrs, make sure when 3:30 pm rolls around that you're closing down shop and shutting your computer off. No, you don't need a few more minutes - it's time to go do something else.

These are just a few ideas of how you can continue to take care of yourself while you're working in your creative business. Remember, that when you're at your best - you can be of better service to your core people.


What tips & tricks do you use to take care of yourself in your creative business?

I'd love for you to comment below and share your thoughts.

Talk soon,


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