My Holiday Bucket List (that won't break the bank)

I'm not even going to lie to you, I'm a holidays kind of girl. I mean, not as extravagant as Buddy the Elf but like, I'm completely here for his excitement about the holidays. I have always been that type of person, too. And honestly, I love that I've never lost that spark or excitement for this time of year. 

I'm not even quite sure what it is about the holidays that really lights me up. I can't truly pinpoint this exact thing about the holidays that makes me so excited and happy. I think it's just the magic in the air, as cheesy as that sounds. It's the idea that people are coming together more, giving more & hopefully being more grateful throughout it all.

Yes, sure, there are the cranky & rude strangers, some drama at family gatherings & so much more. But, our holiday seasons don't have to center around those less joyful moments. That's where the bucket list comes in. This year, I wanted to create my own holiday season. It's my first completely on my own (living alone & being single) which means I have all the space I need to make it completely as I wish. And, while I wish I could, I can't always avoid the strangers & drama. But I can make space for the things that light me up and make the holidays more enjoyable for me regardless of what happens around me.

 Whether you're a mom, in a relationship, recently single, looking for love, ridin' solo, etc. may this bucket list inspire you to create your own holiday season customized just for you. Make time for the things you love to do and don't wait for someone else to join you. Life is when you stop waiting for things to happen & start making things happen.

My Holiday Bucket List

  • Make holiday cookies from scratch

Every year my Mom always makes all the holiday cookies for us to devour while we wrap gifts, watch movies & enjoy each other's company. But, I can honestly say I've never made cookies from scratch completely by myself. Have a favorite cookie recipe? Shoot it over so I can try it out!

  • Buy & decorate my own real Christmas tree
  • Put up holiday decorations in my apartment
  • Go ice skating

Believe it or not, I took ice skating lessons as a kid. It's one of my favorite activities that I rarely do these days. And I'm actually pretty good! I have to get back out on the ice again this season.

  • Drive around town looking at Christmas lights
  • Send Christmas cards
  • Finish Christmas shopping early
  • Make hot cocoa from scratch
  • Watch a cheesy Christmas movie

What's your favorite cheesy Christmas movie? I love The Holiday with Cameron Diaz and also Four Holidays. So cute & funny!

  • Watch a classic Christmas movie
  • Attend a holiday-themed event
  • Stay home one full day of the weekend (or entire weekend if possible) and bake/listen to music/relax
  • Make a big pot of soup/stew & save 1/2 for a rainy/snowy day

Over Thanksgiving, my Mom made me and my sisters a big pot of tortellini soup. Wow was it delicious! And it gave me this idea to make a big pot of simmering soup to enjoy on a cold day. Plus, save yourself the hassle of making it again and freeze half for a later time!

  • Stop and listen to carolers sing (should I pass them)
  • Stay up until midnight for the ball to drop (lol, it's a struggle sometimes to stay up late)
  • Create a Christmas themed spin class

Feel free to steal my idea and add some of these items into your holiday season or create your own bucket list items. Also, I think it needs to be said that the holidays are so much more than the gifts you give and receive. I made a point to make this list full of items that cost little to no money at all. I know I'm not a financial expert but I do know from my own person experience that money can be extremely stressful this time of year.

Take a few extra moments and figure out how you can enjoy the holidays without having buyer's remorse. I bought all of my Christmas decorations for under $200 and that's including the tree, 2 boxes of ornaments, 2 strings of lights, tree skirt, stocking & making my own wreath. Plus, these decorations will last me for years to come. So while I did spend money there, it costs nothing but the gas in your car to go see Christmas lights and even less than that to watch your favorite holiday movie.

Get creative this season so that you can finally enjoy what this time of year is all about. I'm so excited to make this the best one yet. And I've already crossed a few off my list! 

Can't wait to see what you create this season!



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