5 Steps To Creating A Vision Board

I recently had a birthday and turned 31. I have no idea why 31 sounds so much older than 30 but, it does. And last year had a lot of ups and downs - it was definitely a year of change & growth. It was preparing me for whatever is coming my way in the future.

But I wanted to go into this next year with a vision & an intention. I wanted to really have an idea of how I wanted to feel this next year and what types of things I wanted to bring into my life.

When this happens, I turn to creating a vision board. A vision board is a place where you can get creative and put your ideas, dreams, goals, wishes & wants in one place. Then, you place your vision board somewhere that you'll see often so that you're continuously reminded of what you're wanting in life.

Sometimes we create goals or resolutions and forget about them in a month or two. With a vision board, you're constantly seeing it and remembering "oh yeah, I am still definitely working towards these things!"

It's such a positive & inspiring way to keep remembering what all of your hard work is for & what your purpose is.

Whether you've created one before or you're a newbie, I've got 5 easy steps to creating your vision board. Here we go!

5 Steps To Creating A Vision Board

1. Sit & think about your vision/goals/intention. What do you want in this next year? What would you like to leave behind? What would your life look like if you accomplished these goals?

2. Find all the magazines, newspapers, etc and start cutting anything out that inspires you! Maybe it's a girl doing yoga, the words "Create Adventure!" or a picture of a home you'd like to have.

3. Get creative on style boards. There is no right or wrong here - place the cutouts however you want on your corkboard/poster board/piece of paper. The more appealing to you, the more your eye will be drawn to it.

4. Placement is key! Find a place in your home where you know you'll see your vision board at least once a day. Remember, seeing it frequently is the key to bringing these goals into your life.

5. Don't give up. Some of the goals you'll create might be lofty, I know. But if it's what your heart desires - you will put in the work to bring it alive. Giving up is the only way to make sure you don't reach your goals so, don't do that. :)

Here's my vision board - well, one of them! I am creating a second one because all of my goals didn't fit on one! 31 is going to be a great year, I can feel it.

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Creating a vision board is a fun & inspiring way to make your goals possible. When yours is all finished, I'd love for you to send it to me, ok?

Just shoot me your vision board on Instagram - I can't wait to see it!