How To Create a Minimalist Wardrobe

For most of my life, I've never really been into clothes much. I enjoy wearing cute things but, a day full of shopping (in stores or online) has never really been my jam.

That being said, how in the hell did I accumulate so many clothes? I can truthfully say that over that years, I somehow had a lot of clothes in my possession - most of which I rarely wore. I'm the type of girl that finds those 2-3 pieces and wears them over & over again until they have a hole, and then continue to wear them until I must throw it away.

When I began my minimalist journey I knew right away that I wanted my closet to be as minimal as possible. Since I don't have a huge passion for clothes, I didn't want to spend a ton of mental energy on what I was going to wear.  I wanted to have nice pieces that complimented my body well and all relatively worked together but, I didn't want to have a lot of clothes.


I know for some of you reading this right now, you might think I'm crazy. There are some true clothes & shopping lovers out there. I know this because one of my older sisters is one of them! She would only eat bread & butter so that she could save her last $20 to buy herself a new shirt or something. So, for those of you who really enjoy shopping and clothes - this post is more for you than anyone. 

Clothes are one of those things that people seem to get really attached to, even if they don't wear them. It's so interesting when I talk to someone about cleaning out their closet or minimalizing their clothes, they get really defensive. And I'm here to tell you that you can have best of both worlds - you've just got to do a bit of compromising.

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Having a minimalist wardrobe simply means: only having clothes that you wear and that you truly love. It's as simple as that - promise! Sure, there are minimalists out there that only have 33 items in their closet. Great for them! But, that doesn't have to be you.

As long you truly wear everything you have in your closet and you feel great when you put it on, keep it! But, everything else must go! Also, this doesn't mean that you can't replace it with something you do truly love but, you must be intentional about it. Here are 6 steps you can take today for a minimalist wardrobe.

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1. Assess what you have

Before you start throwing anything out or buying new pieces - take a look at what you already own. You may have some great staple pieces or pieces that you truly love and aren't ready to get rid of. Don't take any drastic action until you really assess everything you have. That jacket that you just can't seem to match with anything? Maybe you should sell it or donate it. That little black dress you wear to every event? Keep it!

2. Don't throw anything away

You're probably like  - uh what?! But seriously, don't throw anything away. Those clothes can go to good use. Before you toss them in a dumpster, post a few pictures on Poshmark, request a donation bag from ThredUp or take it to a collection drive at a local church. Just because you can't use it, doesn't mean no one else will.

3. Appreciate the space

Before you go & replace all the items you got rid of, appreciate the space you've just created - not only in your closet but also your life. Just in that tiny action, you've created space in your life for more abundance. Whether it's mental clarity, a positive body image, etc. you've made a step in the direction of your goals. Appreciate that and then assess if you truly do need to bring anything else back in. Sometimes we've gotten rid of the things we don't need to find out we're left with only the things we were using all along.

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4. Buy with intention

Look, there are a lot of minimalists out there that will tell you to not buy anything. While I'm a minimalist - I'm also a realist. I know there were a few essential pieces you tossed out that you'd like to replace with a better quality item. I'm all for that as long as there is a true intention behind it. Before you buy anything ask yourself: do I need this or want this? is the price worth its value? do I already have something to wear with this? how long will I have this item? (years to come, only a few months, just for this event) is the money I'm putting towards this worth not putting it towards my financial freedom? There's no guilt here. Only you can answer these for your own journey.

5. Do more with less

When in doubt, don't buy it. More times than not, we don't actually need that item. Many times I won't buy an item at first sight. I will leave it be, think about it and come back to it if I do want to purchase it. If it's no longer available then maybe it wasn't meant to be. That sounds woo-woo, I know. But, often times we impulse buy on the things we need the least. Allow yourself to do more with less. I bet there are more outfit combinations available to you than you know.

6. Use what you have

The main thing to take away from this is that you don't need to continuously update your wardrobe. I'm certain that you have a lot of staple pieces in your wardrobe right now. Use those and build upon that. Maybe you can buy 1-2 shirts to go with your favorite pair of jeans. Maybe you can replace the rundown boots that you loved wearing with your leather jacket. Mix the old with the new!

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A minimalist wardrobe is a wardrobe that you embodies who you are and that makes you feel good when you wear it. Whether that's 30 pieces or 300 pieces - it will look different for everyone. Just understand that you don't always need to buy a brand new item - get creative in your wardrobe.

And lastly, release your attachment from things. Often times we hope that they hold the happiness we're looking for and the bottom line is that they don't. Your happiness is in the clarity you find, the space you create and the abundance you're able to receive. 

I'd love to hear from you - have you tried creating a minimalist wardrobe?