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If you had to guess what questions I get asked the most, what would you say they are?

Recipe questions?

Fitness questions?

Podcasting questions?

Nope! I get the most questions about my home! And, to be honest, it's really crazy because I don't consider myself an expert on this topic.

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My home has slowly become my little sanctuary and I seriously get so excited to come home to it every day. At times it feels like leaving my child at daycare - I don't want to leave it. I want to be with it all the time, nurture it & give it some TLC 24/7.  Am I crazy?!

My approach with my studio was to keep it minimal & simple yet, portraying my personality at every turn. When I think back to the apartments & homes I've lived in in the past, they were filled with a lot of "stuff" and I didn't really have a space to call my own.

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This studio is the first place that is completely mine and I wanted to make sure that I loved it. But didn't go overboard.

For each room, I kept the colors of white & grey throughout. Those are my home base colors and the ones that made the space feel light but also calm. My accent color was a nice green color - which I love! And instead of cluttering it up with chairs, and throws and little nick-nacks to bring green in, I used plants to help that color flow into each room.

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This way, the plants are bringing in oxygen and keeping the space fresh but also adds to the overall decor of the home.

It's really amazing to see how this studio has transformed from the day I moved in until right now. And the more I live in it, the more I continue to look at the space and ask "how is this functioning?"


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The LoDownLiving Blog

Nothing is set in stone. Everything is subject to change and can absolutely be given away, sold or replaced if it is not functioning properly. Having this detachment from physical objects makes it a lot easier to build a space exactly how you want it.

When I first moved in I started with the minimum basics. I had a bed, bed frame, couch, coffee table, TV stand, nightstand & a kitchen cart. That was it because I didn't want to buy all of these pieces with hopes that it would all work perfectly. I decided that I wanted to get into the space first and then add to it as I needed to.

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The bookshelf & console table didn't come until about 6 months later until I realized that my path once I came home each day was a little frazzled as I didn't know where to put my mail or keys. And the bookshelf allowed for other spaces in the home to be less cluttered and created some empty spaces too.

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The LoDownLiving Blog

My 4 biggest tips for moving into a small space are:

  1. Start with the basics - you can always add to it later.

  2. Pick 3-4 colors that will flow from one room to another.

  3. Don't be afraid to buy second-hand furniture and refurbish!

  4. Release your attachment to the things in your home. Be okay with letting go of something at any point to make the space function better.

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I would love to hear what you do to make your space yours! A certain candle scent? Specific pictures? Comment below so I can see them!

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