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Dear Lo: I Want To Go Minimalist - Do I Have To Throw Everything Away?

Now that minimalism is a growing trend, there are a lot of different messages out there about what minimalism actually is. Some people associate minimalism with stark white walls, others with having little to no possessions, and those that think it's about throwing everything away.

One of the questions I get the most is if being minimalist means you have to get rid of all of your belongings. And, for what minimalism means to me, I'm here to tell you no. Sure, that may end up being something you want to do at one point or another - or maybe not. But creating a minimal life or becoming a "minimalist" does not automatically equally throwing everything away.

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How To Create a Minimalist Wardrobe

For most of my life, I've never really been into clothes much. I enjoy wearing cute things but, a day full of shopping (in stores or online) has never really been my jam.

That being said, how in the hell did I accumulate so many clothes? I can truthfully say that over that years, I somehow had a lot of clothes in my possession - most of which I rarely wore. I'm the type of girl that finds those 2-3 pieces and wears them over & over again until they have a hole, and then continue to wear them until I must throw it away.

When I began my minimalist journey I knew right away that I wanted my closet to be as minimal as possible. Since I don't have a huge passion for clothes, I didn't want to spend a ton of mental energy on what I was going to wear.  I wanted to have nice pieces that complimented my body well and all relatively worked together but, I didn't want to have a lot of clothes.

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