Cajun Cauliflower Rice with Turkey Sausage & Peppers

The work week can sometimes be difficult for me to cook elaborate meals. I really love getting into the kitchen and making something hearty & delicious meal. Like the whole chicken that I'm doing in my new slow cooker. Don't worry, you'll get that recipe soon!

But after a day of work and maybe taking a class or hell, maybe I've got a blog I'd like to write (!), sometimes there just isn't enough time in a day for a lot of fuss in the kitchen. And I'm not mad at those days. I also enjoy coming home and being able to whip up something quick that still has so much flavor & makes me do my happy dance.


Maybe one day I'll show you. I'm not embarrassed. If you don't dance a little when you cook, you're not doing it right. That's my motto!

Since I recently started the new program to fight my candida, I was looking to slowly roll into my new way of eating. I'm not usually the type of person that likes to do things cold turkey. I like to dip my toes in one at a time before diving straight in. Like, give me some time, you know? So when I came home from work earlier this week, I noticed that I already had a few things that were compliant in my fridge. Score! And cauliflower rice was on my list.


Have you tried cauliflower rice yet? If not, what are you waiting for?! Ugh. It's so good & it adapts to almost any meal that you'd usually use rice for. And, since grains aren't compliant on this plan, cauliflower rice is going to be a great substitute for the next few weeks. I've seen it used in smoothies, as a pizza crust (yesss!), as a fried rice and so much more. Get on the cauliflower train girl, because it ain't stopping anytime soon.

I'm also working on my spice level. Albert really enjoys spicy foods and since I cook for both of us most of the time, it's nice to not have to make two separate meals due to spice levels. So while it may be a little less for him, it'll be a little more for me. It's truly a win-win all around. And I like this recipe a lot because the spice level is great but, if a little heat isn't your thing, you can completely omit it and it's just as delicious.


So if you have a busy week coming up, throw this recipe into your meal plan.

No prep work.

Takes 30 minutes to make.

And leaves enough for leftovers.

How much more convincing does a girl need? Let's get on with it, shall we?


Cajun Cauliflower Rice with Turkey Sausage & Peppers

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