A Letter To The Passionate Creative With A Day Job

You're working so hard and your heart is so big.

I know you have something amazing that you're dying to show the world and you just want someone to notice it.

You're trying to find an ounce of time to devote to this work because you believe it's important, it's impactful and it's valuable.

You spend:

Your early mornings

Your late evenings

Your lunch break

Your commute to and from work

Moments of silence on the toilet

Or in the shower thinking about this work.

You know you have the drive and determination to do this work.


Stop beating yourself up because you can't devote 100% of your time to this work right now.

Stop comparing yourself to the people you deem as an overnight success - they're not.

Stop wishing you could quit your day job and shift to realizing that your day job is currently funding this passionate work of yours.

Stop feeling guilty about your photographs and feed. Keep trying & stay true to you.

Stop listening to every podcast, reading every blog, following every influencer to find the "secret" to being successful. There isn't one. Start trusting your own intuition.

Stop watching everyone else and get back to your why and the purpose this passionate work.

Stop burning yourself out. Close your computer, turn off notifications, delete social media and don't forget to live your REAL life. Remember: you ARE doing enough.

Stop being shy about your work and start telling anyone who asks what you do for work.

Stop not showing up and start putting yourself out there.

And most of all, stop hating yourself for not being there yet. 5 years ago you probably wished back then to be where you are now. And look at that, here you are.

To the passionate creative with a day job:

I see you. I hear you. I am you.

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