50 New Year's Resolutions That Have Nothing To Do With Weight Loss

We only have a few weeks left in 2017. It’s usually right around this time of year that people reflect back on the things they wished they had accomplished and begin creating resolutions for next year. I’m sure you can relate, in the past, at least one of my resolutions was around losing weight or being healthier. I’m not sure where the tradition began that at the beginning of the year we need to refocus on our health above all. While it doesn’t usually happen this way, me included, I’d think our health and well-being would be a focus of ours all year long.

And, according to social media, blogs & more, we’re super obsessed with “wellness” and being healthy. So why do we run around like chickens with our heads cut off scrambling to get a gym membership & begin the latest diet? Honestly, I’m asking myself the same question because I’ve done that in the past too. And truth be told, there is only one time that something I did in the new year stuck with me all year long, and that's when I did the Whole30 to help me with my Candida.

50 New Year's Resolutions That Have Nothing To Do With Weight Loss

Now, I didn’t stay completely Whole30 compliant all year long. But, I took what I learned with me even to this day and I’m so much more conscious about what I buy at the store and when I’m out to breakfast/lunch/dinner. Whether you try the Whole30 or not, if you’re looking for a resolution or goal to start in 2018 (btw you can start now, you don’t have to wait until the ball drops) I hope you choose something that you can take with you for the long haul.

That’s why I’ve created 50 resolutions or goals to make that have nothing to do with dieting or losing weight. I believe our health and well-being should be a priority every day and, for the record, I’m not just talking about our bodies either. Feeling great is all-encompassing and truth be told, when we feel great mentally it usually translates into feeling better in our own skin too. I get it though, it’s a daily practice and the process evolves over time.

But while you’re counting down to midnight on New Year’s Eve, contemplate a few of these ideas below and take them into the new year with you.

1. Put your phone down more

This has consistently been a goal of mine every day. I'm never too far away from my phone and never mind if it annoys you because it annoys the hell out of me. So yes, phone down, head up. Which leads me to my next point...

2. Try a digital detox

3. See a financial advisor about your debt &/or retirement

4. Practice more yoga

no 5.png

5. Try a meditation challenge

6. Start a blog

7. Learn a new language

8. Join a MeetUp group

9. Actually call a friend once a week

Isn't it strange that it's now uncomfortable to talk to someone on the phone? I remember days when my mom would yell up the stairs "Laura get off the phone and go to bed!" and I'd be like "mhm, okay!" and keep yapping away for hours. Texting is fine but a phone call here & there would really be special.

50 New Year's Resolutions That Have Nothing To Do With Weight loss

10. Say ‘no’ to one commitment a week

11. Say ‘yes’ to one commitment a week

12. Get outdoors by hiking, rollerblading, throwing snowballs, making snow angels, etc.

13. Join a roller derby team

14. Turn your TV off by 8 pm

I'm notorious for laying in bed & watching Netflix until I fall asleep. Lately, I've been bringing a book to bed with me. This not only helps me read more but for reason reading always makes me sleepy. So, it's always great for those nights when my mind is running a bit too fast right before bedtime.

50 New Year's Resolutions That Have Nothing To Do With Weight loss

15. Put your phone in a separate room at night

16. Turn on ‘Do Not Disturb’ at 7 pm each night

17. Pick up journaling

I've been journaling 3-4 times a week lately and it's been really great. While I am an advocate for therapy (see #18), journaling is a great stress reliever for those times in between sessions when you can't talk to your therapist.

18. Go to therapy

19. Tell your friends to set you up on a date

50 New Year's Resolutions That Have Nothing To Do With Weight Loss

20. Go on a date

21. Begin a book club

22. Begin a dinner club

23. Go on a retreat

24. Book a quick trip last minute

50 New Year's Resolutions That Have Nothing To Do With Weight Loss

25. Go on a weekend road trip 3 times in a year

26. Book the big international ticket

27. Pay off your credit card each month

Credit cards give me anxiety. I have one but I literally never use it. One time I got too deep into credit card debt and it weighed on me really heavily. Now, if I use it, it's to build up the points and savings for either a plane ticket or something else. But I always, always, always make sure I already have the money in my account so that I can pay it off asap. 

28. Marie Kondo your home & get rid of what you no longer need

29. Donate your clothes

50 New Year's Resolutions That Have Nothing To Do With Weight Loss

30. Try ThredUp and get extra cash for your clothes

31. Start a Poshmark account for extra cash

I once sold a pair of Hunter boots on Poshmark for $50! It also helps to send your buyer a little thank you note for their purchase.

32. Cook your way through a cookbook

33. Propose a new idea or project at work and ask to be the lead

34. Start a podcast or YouTube channel

50 New Year's Resolutions That Have Nothing To Do With Weight Loss

35. Reach out to an admired friend and give them gratitude

36. Say ‘no’ to one workout a week

37. Cancel all plans one weekend a month

I've had the luxury of doing this once in November and once in December. IT WAS AMAZING. I beg you to do this for your sanity. It's a glorious thing to only do what YOU want to do for one weekend a month.

38. Listen to new podcasts

39. Start a savings account

50 New Year's Resolutions That Have Nothing To Do With Weight loss

40. Increase your 401k contribution

I don't know much about 401k's or finance altogether, really. But I know that when I'm 50 I'll had wished I looked into it more. If nothing else, go to your HR Manager and let them know you want to increase your contribution. It's a great starting point.

41. Become an instructor (fitness or hobby)

42. Volunteer around town

43. Apply for a local TED talk

44. Read 1-2 books a month

50 New Year's Resolutions That Have Nothing To Do With Weight Loss

45. Learn to treat yourself outside of food

46. Give up drinking for 1 week a month

Don't look at me like that. You can do this, I promise. It's not as hard as you think.

47. Grow a veggie or flower garden

48. Take an online friendship offline & meet in real life

49. Unsubscribe from unwanted emails

50 New Year's Resolutions That Have Nothing To Do With Weight loss

50. Unfollow people online that create negative thoughts & feelings

I recently unfollowed a lot of people on social media. With all the new algorithms, I was barely seeing anyone's posts anyways. To my point in #1, if my phone is my hand I want it to create inspiration, positivity, a few laughs & a smile. So I'm intentional about the 'Follow' button.

The list could go on and on. The world is full of things you can do that will create abundance and fulfillment outside of changing the way your body looks, depriving yourself of foods your body actually wants & over-exercising for feeling like you must burn it off. Whether you have body focused goals isn’t the question here. It’s more so if that’s the ONLY thing you want to focus on in 2018? I sure don’t. I’m hoping that my body, the way it is right now, will get me through a handful of the listed items above. If it happens to become bigger or smaller for some reason, my biggest want is that I’m still capable of booking the big international ticket, to join a roller derby team and increase my 401k contribution.

Back to you! Did any of the items inspire you to change your 2018 resolutions or goals?

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