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Oh, you’re here! Come on in.

Hello, my name is Laura or Lo, either one is fine by me. I’m a 30-somethin’, mid-west, taco lovin’, coffee drinkin’, digital creator, woo AF woman, mother & wife.

I started Lodownliving 5 years ago as a place to share life through my eyes & perspective and to help others feel less alone in whatever they’re going through in that moment.

Maybe you’re a hopeful, new or veteran mom with millions of questions swirling in your head.

Or you’re a creative wanting to launch your blog, email list or podcast out into the world once and for all.

Maybe you’re wondering how you can take of yourself in a better, healthier way.

If any of these scenarios sound like you, you’re in the right place.

On my blog and in my newsletters we’re going to talk about things like motherhood, home life, being a creative, minimalism, food and so much more.

So, go grab a cup of coffee and something delicious to snack and let’s dive in.

Thanks for stopping by, I’m so glad you’re here.


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Let’s work together

I help creatives (bloggers, coaches, speakers, writers, makers, doers) with their digital marketing. Whether you’re looking to dive into your email list (the #1 way to get in front of passionate paying customers), strengthen the words on your website or on social media or maybe you’re ready to tap the mic and start a podcast.

I’d love to help you show up in a bigger way online through engaging emails, catchy copy or a powerful podcast.

I’m currently booking for September 2019 onward and would love to pencil you in!